Mirrors: Infinite Macabre from White Wolf

Beyond the ring lurks a moon whose very shape-whose very essence-is formed of squirming thorns, tangled hedgerows, and alien trees.

Inside a defunct planetary outpost, a throng of self-made monsters fuses cable and hull scrap to one another’s reanimated flesh, each powered by elements never seen by man.

Layered beneath this plane of existence is another: a place of dead stars and skull-ships, a wretched Otherspace, a haunted Underworld.

This is the Infinite Macabre.

This book includes:

• Suggestions and rules shifts on how to incorporate the World of Darkness into a space opera game
• Rules for starships and starship combat
• Guidance on making your own alien species

Mirrors: Infinite Macabre is available at RPGNow.com.

Also available from White Wolf is Mirrors: Bleeding Edge.

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