Deadlands Reloaded: Great Weird North Trail Guide

Trail Guide: Weird White North is your guide to terror in the tundra! With additional setting rules for the bitterest cold, a mini-Plot Point Campaign stretching back to the 1600s, a frozen boatload of Savage Tales, and the coldest, creepiest critters Canada can conjure, Weird White North has everything you need to take your Deadlands game farther north than ever before, well beyond where saner men would stop.

Discover what lies buried beneath the ice of ages in Alaska and British Columbia. Witness Canada’s fantastic Winterline hold the most frigid force of Mother Nature at bay. Become embroiled in a struggle as old as the cold itself.

So, how about it, hombre? You got what it takes to survive in a place where distances start at “vast” and temperatures top out at “deadly”? There’s only one way to find out-get your copy of Trail Guide: Weird White North today!

Trail Guide: Weird White North, by Matt Cutter, is a supplement for the award-winning Deadlands: Reloaded RPG. It offers you a closer look at the people, places, and very cold things in Alaska and British Columbia. It contains a Tombstone Epitaph special edition, details on the premiere towns of the frozen north, a mini-Plot Point Campaign, and more Savage Tales than you could shake a frostbitten stick at. For your own safety, get your copy today.

Trail Guide: Weird White North is available now at

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