CCP Licenses Mind’s Eye Theatre to By Night Studios

New license for Mind’s Eye Theatre returns the World of Darkness to Live-Action Roleplaying

By Night Entertainment, LLC, has signed an exclusive worldwide license with CCP Games to produce a new product line for popular live action game franchise Mind’s Eye Theatre.

White Wolf’s Mind’s Eye Theatre debuted in 1993, helping to usher in an entirely new era of immersive and interactive entertainment, and adding a vibrant, interactive dimension to the roleplaying game hobby. Legions of Mind’s Eye Theatre fans around the world have been waiting patiently for an updated version of their favorite Live Action game – and now they’ll get it. A wealth of defining material from over two decades of the iconic World of Darkness game setting will be used as the basis for a new line of Mind’s Eye Theatre products.

“We are all very passionate about the World of Darkness and Mind’s Eye Theatre, and we feel extremely privileged to be given this opportunity to share our enthusiasm with the World of Darkness global fan community,” said By Night Entertainment Creative Director Shane DeFreest.

“No one knows our World of Darkness live action fan community like the team at By Night Entertainment. Mind’s Eye Theatre could not have found better caretakers. We are very excited to see what they do,” said CCP World of Darkness Global Brand Director Greg Fountain.

For more information on upcoming Mind’s Eye Theatre products and By Night Entertainment, go to Twitter: @ByNightStudios – Facebook: ByNightStudios

About By Night Entertainment, LLC
By Night Entertainment is a New Orleans-based company with a singular mission: to usher in a renaissance for the World of Darkness Mind’s Eye Theatre experience. Its founders and staff are all long-time fans of the World of Darkness and enthusiastic advocates of Live Action games. They include game industry professionalswho for almost two decades have been involved in the creation and promotion of World of Darkness products and Mind’s Eye Theatre events.

About CCP
CCP is the world’s most successful independent developer of massively multiplayer games, and has been praised for its artistry, game design and unique player-driven, infinitely scalable storytelling narratives. CCP is the creator of the critically acclaimed science-fiction game EVE Online (PC/Mac), which is celebrating its unprecedented tenth consecutive year of subscriber growth. EVE Online is a massively multiplayer science-fiction universe in which hundreds of thousands of players carve out empires through galactic fleet battles and the use of economic warfare. DUST 514® (PlayStation®3) is a groundbreaking, free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter that is set in the EVE Universe and linked to EVE Online. World of Darkness is a modern gothic horror massively multiplayer online role-playing game, based on the classic tabletop roleplaying game Vampire: the Masquerade. Founded and headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1997, CCP is privately held with additional offices in Atlanta, Newcastle, San Francisco and Shanghai. For more information, visit

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