Hickman’s Santa’s Sleigh Ride

Santa Claus has failed his Canadian Sleigh Drivers License test!

He is going to need someone to drive his sleigh for him until he can get a new pair of glasses. So, tonight, he is having a contest between several of his most promising elves to see which one can be the fastest to deliver all the presents on their lists. Being Santa’s sleigh-driver is an honor that elves would do anything to achieve … and they’re not above bumping a sleigh or two of other elves that get in the way of their dreams! So everyone grab your sleigh and your part of the list … tonight we deliver Santa’s presents and the first one to finish will become Santa’s designated sleigh driver!

Santa’s Sleigh Ride is a simple, fast-paced holiday board game by Tracy and Laura Hickman for the entire family …which you can purchase, download, assemble and play right now.

Santa’s Sleigh Ride is available at RPGNow.com.

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