Maelstrom Anthology: Tales of Madness and Horror

Savage Mojo’s anthology Maelstrom: Tales Of Madness And Horror comes to light on the first anniversary of Hurricane Irene, and is their second venture helping others through storytelling, raising funds for the flooding victims of New York State’s Schoharie County, where many were made homeless by Hurricane Irene.

Across countries and universes, these stories follows the path of lives changed over the course of thirteen terrifying storms.

Each author forges their own steps in the aftermath, their storm-shattered tales creating new stopping points in Lovecraftian horror.

Featuring: John Wick, Phil Brucato, Kenneth Hite, Cat Tobin, Chris Perrin, Gregory Bullard, Miles M. Kantir, Darren W. Pearce, Rabbit Seagraves, Ian eller, Nathan Crowder, Lillian Cohen-Moore, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan and Richard Dansky.

Maelstrom: Tales Of Madness And Horror is available now at!

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