Last Man Standing, Book 1 of Unfashioned Creatures

Hey, you got Zombies in my Frankenstein!

In the midst of an undead apocalypse, one scientist tries to sustain the human race by cloning himself (again.) Unfortunately, things don’t work out exactly as planned. But then, do they ever?

In Last Man Standing, writer Monica Valentinelli (Vampire: the Requiem, Eclipse Phase) and artist Josie Pi Grant do a modern twist on the first, great literary zombie. The digital download includes a BONUS page from “Monsters and the Monsters Who Make Them,” a mini-series written by James McGee and illustrated by Alex Cormack.

Last Man Standing is available now at

UNFASHIONED CREATURES, A Frankenstein Anthology, is a collection of original comic art and stories inspired by Mary Shelley’s classic horror novel “Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus.” Edited by Enrica Jang.

Also available in the UNFASHIONED CREATURES series:

My Brother, My Self – Talk about holding a grudge! Victor Frankenstein’s infamous experiment left his entire family dead…save for younger brother, Ernest. When the middle child takes up the “family business,” will he put to right Victor’s crimes? Or will the violence just go on…and on…

Frankenstein on Mars – Monsters…in…SPAAAACE! Frankenstein’s misunderstood monster takes a giant leap for mankind when he becomes the first man (…well, “creature”) on Mars. However, a life of exploration and solitude is interrupted when he again encounters humans, and learns that some things never change.

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