Jim Ward joins Troll Lord Games

Troll Lord Games welcomed James M. Ward to the Troll Dens today. Mr.Ward of METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA and TSR fame has come onboard as Managing Editor for the CRUSADER magazine. With his arrival, CRUSADER becomes a monthly magazine with lots of interesting changes in style and content.

?We are very excited about James joining us here,? remarked Stephen Chenault of TLG. ?I?ve known James for several years and we look forward to working with him. CRUSADER has languished on the back burner for too long, we are confident Jim can bring it up to speed.?

James designed the first science fiction role-playing game, METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA in 1976 and took part in the design of the second CCG, SPELLFIRE and the DRAGON BALL Z CCG. With lots of game and novel credits he brings a great deal of talent to the Troll Lord team. He will be helping a little bit with issue eight and move to make issue nine and up all his.

“I look forward to helping CRUSADER magazine grow even more interesting to hobby game consumers everywhere. With lots of feedback from the great Troll Lord fans, the magazine can grow to be even more fun. Who knows, I might have time to put together a product or two for Troll Lords as well.”

To check out more about this and TLG?s latest product releases visit us on the web at www.trolllord.com.

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