Hex Games Releases RASSLIN’ Revised Edition PDF

This month, on January 28, Hex Games is proud to release the Revised Edition of Colin Thomas Presents RASSLIN’. Written by Carter Newton, Steve Johnson, and Colin Thomas and illustrated by superstar artist Gary Bedell, RASSLIN’ promises to deliver more action, more gaming excitement, and more fun!

Think you can handle the bone-crunching, brain-smashing, senses-shattering world of the Universal Rasslin’ League? Then jump into the ring and prove it! Face off against opponents like El Loco Gigantes or The Patriot. Survive the Cage Match, navigate the ocean of fans and groupies, and piledrive your opponents into the mat! Whatever you do, don’t get on the wrong side of Mr. Colin Thomas, or your next match will be against the tag team of Mr. Spatula and the Deep Fryer in the kitchen of the Scuzzburger down the street.

The Revised Edition of Colin Thomas Presents: RASSLIN’ has new characters, a new logo by fan favorite Josh LH Burnett, and all the bone-cracking action of the sold-out first edition. Also included are modified QAGS rules for wrestling, three different campaign styles, background information on the Universal Rasslin’ League, GM tips, and art by the unparalleled Gary Bedell.

Colin Thomas Presents: RASSLIN’ uses QAGS, the Quick Ass Game System, sold separately.

Colin Thomas Presents: RASSLIN’ is available on Monday, January 28, 2008 from www.drivethrurpg.com, www.rpgnow.com, www.yourgamesnow.com, and www.paizo.com.

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