Firefly Role-Playing Game Corebook PDF Now Available!

The FIREFLY RPG puts you right in the middle of the action of the wildly popular television series. You and your Crew will trade bullets with fearsome bounty hunters, folk who want what you have, or varmints that try to put out the light of hope you represent. Keep your Browncoat banner flyin’ high and dodge Alliance cruisers. Side with the Alliance and track down riff-raff to haul ‘em in for justice. Explore your ‘Verse to find a crew, find a job, and keep flyin’!

The Firefly RPG uses a freewheelin’ version of the award-winning Cortex Plus System to bring the ‘Verse to life online or at your table in this 350+ page, full-color game. This corebook includes:

– Detailed Episode Guide for all 14 Firefly episodes
– 75+ Gamemaster characters including rules for Niska, Badger, Patience, and more!
– Over 30 pre-generated player-characters! Play as Mal and the Serenity crew or one of 24 archetypes.
– Original character creation – choose from dozens of Distinctions to fine-tune your concept.
– Dozens of in game examples from the show.
– Over two dozen sample ships
– Dozens of sample Assets and Complications
– Advancement rules
– Tips for world-building in the ‘Verse
– “What’s Yours Is Mine”, a fully-playable Episode – perfect for first-time GMs!
– Chinese teaching tool and phrases spoken during the show
– Maps of all five systems
– Serenity ship and engine schematic
– Interactive Crew and Ship Sheets. Print ‘em out as is or type in the details, save, and print.
– …and much, much more!

The Firefly RPG core rulebook is compatible with the Echoes of War adventures and all other releases in the FIREFLY ROLE-PLAYING GAME line, which are all sold separately. The Firefly Role-Playing Game is based on the hit television series by Joss Whedon. This release employs the Cortex Plus rule system.

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