New Year, New Game Sale at RPGNow

The Flames Rising Shop at RPGNow has over 20 games for $12 Each! A New Year is the perfect time to try a new game, so check out these great deals now!

Get great deals from White Wolf, Archaia Entertainment, Pelgrane Press, Green Ronin, Eden Studios, Crafty Games, Cubicle 7 and more!

There are some amazing deals included in this promotion and this is the perfect chance to stock up on games you’ve always been curious about and didn’t pick up when they first launched such as Artesia: Adventures in the Known World or Dark Ages: Vampire. There are amazing deals on newer games as well, Spectrum Games’ Lovecraftian Macabre Tales and Pelgrane Press’ Ashen Stars are well worth picking up.

At $12 each, there are huge discounts on some of these core products and most of them have never been marked down this much, and are likely not going to be ever again. For example Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition from AEG is $59.99 in print and normally sells for $35.99 in PDF, at $12 that is 65% off the already discounted PDF price! The Burning Empires RPG sells for $45 in print and $23.99 in PDF, so this is just about 50% off and this one is almost never on sale.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop by the New Year, New Game Sale today and get over 20 books for $12 each!

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